Additional ideas for scoring next year

Had some additional ideas for scoring:

  1. How about some bonus points for correctly guessing the number of times a safety car is deployed on the track? 
  2. A points bonus if a driver finishes higher than their teammate.
  3. A points penalty if a driver gets a grid penalty (could be tied to either the engine or the chassis)

For the safety car  bonus....One item I've noticed in our league is that most people end up picking similar chassis/engines/drivers to maximize their points. As a result, people who are at the bottom of the league have no realistic shot at catching up throughout the season once they get too far behind (as everyone ends up scoring roughly the same number of points at each race).  Providing additional opportunities to score (as with the pitstop strategy and bonus question) would help with this.  

For the driver bonus...that might help get some points even if the driver is on a weak team or is at the back of the grid.  

The grid penalty would be interesting and could cause some drama in the leagues. 


Re. Additional ideas for scoring next year

 Thanks for the ideas.

Currently we are working on the changes for the new season and collected many ideas for improving.

Lets discus your ideas so we can find out if they can help to late registered users for example.

1. Not sure if there is official information how many times a safety car is deployed in a race. We need to publish this on the web site so everyone knows why receive or not points.

2. Do you think that this will help? Because if we give points to every driver who win against his teammate than also the top teams will receive points since most probably they will have the better driver from a team.

3. Again need to check for official information about the grid penalties. Its getting crazy lately with this over 20 -30 grid penalties and different sources show different numbers.

Re. Additional ideas for scoring next year

 Good point on verifying with official sources - I thought for sure that safety car and grid penalty stats were on the official site, but now I see that they are not.

Another idea that could easily be verified would be a grid change bonus.  A driver could get a one point bonus for every two positions that he gains in the final race from his grid start  - points rounded down (.e.g Alonso started 18th and finished 10th in Mexico- he could get a 4 point grid bonus to add to his regular scoring).  The interesting thing about this is that it would allow the 'lesser drivers' a chance to score points - Gasly started 20th and finished 13th etc...This would add some interesting variance to the races/strategies in picking drivers. 

 I wouldn't suggest a negative grid change penalty for drivers who finish lower than they started - retirements would be pretty devastating and would lead to negative points, so I would suggest just having it as a bonus.

No worries if none of this is feasible/popular to implement.  I'm just thinking of ways to add some excitement/drama to the leagues.  Thanks!

Re. Additional ideas for scoring next year

 I like this idea more.
And since its very likely top drivers to change position or two I would suggest bonus points to be given if more than 5 positions won and another points if more than 10 grid positions won.

Re. Additional ideas for scoring next year

Sounds good.  I like the 5/10 position bonus better than the 2.  Thanks for the reply!

Re. Additional ideas for scoring next year

 A few more thoughts on this.

After quickly scanning through the races this year, several mid-low tier drivers would have qualified for this bonus (5 position change) which would make things exciting and give some incentive to pick them up (Vandoorne, Stroll, Gasly etc...).   The good thing with a 5 position grid change is that it doesn't happen that often that it would completely throw off the existing scoring balance. .