Hamilton's Rivals Feeling The Pressure

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Lewis Hamilton claimed the fifth Drivers’ Championship crown of his career, joining Juan Manuel Fangio in second place on the all-time list for most titles. Only the legendary Michael Schumacher has more crowns than the Brit, with seven to his name.

Hamilton will be eyeing further titles to displace the German at the top of the sport and, given his recent form, it would be no surprise to see the 33-year-old achieve the feat in 2020. The Brit is the leading contender to win the crown in the 2019 Formula One season, being backed in the F1 betting odds at 8/11 to triumph ahead of the field once again.

The Mercedes driver has dominated his rivals over the last five years, with only his team-mate Nico Rosberg preventing him from winning five Championships on the bounce. It’s difficult to see who could stop the 33-year-old from notching his sixth title next season. We’ll now break down two of his potential threats for the crown.

Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)

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Bottas will be feeling the heat next season after two years of underachievement. He was put in a difficult position, replacing the reigning Drivers’ Championship winner when Nico Rosberg retired from the sport after the 2016 campaign. He had a strong start to his time with Mercedes, placing third in the Championship standings, notching three wins in his first 20 races with the team. Bottas as well off the pace of Hamilton, who won the crown with ease, although there was hope that he would compete in the 2018 season. 

However, Bottas took a step back in his development and struggled on the circuit to match the speed of the elite drivers, although he was blighted by a number of unfortunate incidents, including his puncture in Azerbaijan. The Finn finished in fifth place in the standings, while Mercedes won the Constructors’ Championship. There will be pressure on the 29-year-old to find his form and use the excellence of his car to challenge Hamilton.

Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari)

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The German has been disappointing since his move to Ferrari. He has not been able to mount the challenge expected, finishing off the pace in his first two seasons before fading away in the last two campaigns, allowing Hamilton to triumph with relative ease. It took time for Ferrari to find the speed to match Mercedes, wasting Vettel’s first two terms with the Italian outfit. However, the last two seasons they have the pace in their vehicle, only for the German to fail to rise to the occasion.

Vettel made bright starts to the last two seasons, winning the Australian Grand Prix in 2017 and 2018. He held leads in the Drivers’ Championship stretching into the middle of the term. Whereas Hamilton strengthened as the season progressed, the 29-year-old has endured slumps in the middle of the campaign that have lingered and knocked him off the pace. Vettel is running out of excuses for his failures to match his rival and the last of his Drivers’ Championships seem a long time ago.

Sainz strong suits to be reinforced in 2019

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The news of Carlos Sainz Jr joining McLaren has been well-received by his peers in the F1 roster. Thus far, the most vocal supporter of his move has been countryman Fernando Alonso. The veteran famously swept to the championship in 2005, and 2006, ending Michael Schumacher’s five-year streak of dominance.


He has backed the move citing McLaren’s history in F1 as a major reason for Sainz to make it, even though this November will mark the tenth anniversary of McLaren’s last title triumph. These days, of course, it is all very different. Current Formula 1 betting odds show that McLaren are now 4000/1 to win the constructors title this year, Aside from Mika Häkkinen’s double triumph in the late 1990s, McLaren’s last spell as a truly dominant powerhouse came in the 1980s, with Niki Lauda, Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna being the agents of glory.

Sainz’ strongest tracks

Sainz himself has tweeted his delight at being selected for the McLaren lineup, and this development has also given F1 Fantasy aficionados some food for thought. Throughout his four-year F1 career, Sainz has avoided retirement in the Grands Prix of Australia, China, Azerbaijan, Monaco, Singapore, the United States and his native Spain. Indeed, he has performed strongest overall at the latter circuit, never once failing to finish inside the top nine.

It is also impressive that one of the less experienced drivers on the roster has completed the Baku street circuit twice. The Azerbaijan Grand Prix remains a relatively unknown quantity to all drivers, but with Sainz’ fifth-place finish in the 2018 edition marking a leap three places compared last season’s event, the young Spaniard proved that his good first race in Baku was not merely beginner’s luck.


Having also finished in the top ten of every season opener at Melbourne, he should be a worthy pick for any fantasy lineup at the start of 2019. However, his trajectory of finishes at the circuit is not upward, as it is with Azerbaijan. Sainz could also claim that over the past two years, his most improved circuit is Spa. After suffering retirements in his first two Belgian Grands Prix, he has finished tenth and (this year) ninth, leading some to believe that next year could yield an even better result.

Sainz can succeed where McLaren has failed

This year, most of McLaren’s results as a constructor – especially in Monaco, France and Canada – have not correlated with Sainz’ corresponding performances at Renault. While Sainz finished in the top ten of each race, McLaren failed to pick up a single point, with five retirements out of a possible six therein.

While technical difficulties can destroy the hopes of even the best driver, Sainz is something of a symbol of hope for McLaren. The memories of their disastrous three-year partnership with Honda still fresh in the memory, signing Sainz is a real statement of intent, and if he can succeed at the circuits where his future employers failed, then his status as a good all-rounder in fantasy motorsport will be safe in the short term.

Can Ricciardo Sustain Drivers' Championship Challenge?

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Daniel Ricciardo has put himself into contention for the Drivers’ Championship in the 2018 campaign, winning two of the opening six races of the season. The Australian put forward a fine performance in the Monaco Grand Prix to claim the victory ahead of Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton at the top of the standings.

It’s a good sign for the sport that there is another driver capable of challenging at the top. Over the last eight seasons, the Drivers’ Championship has been dominated by two men vying for the crown. Even a two-man duel has been not the case when Vettel and Hamilton have eased their way to victory, with the Brit claiming the title with ease last term after a brief battle in the early stages.

Ricciardo has the talent and the pace with his Red Bull to match the duo throughout the term. His early success should give him the confidence to sustain his charge, although there’s still work to be done to produce the level of consistency boasted by Hamilton. Given the fact that he remains slightly off the pace of the Brit, there’s value to backing the Aussie in the latest F1 betting odds at 20/1, but he will need to continue to secure top spot on the podium to beat out his two rivals.

The 28-year-old has been a contender in almost every race over the last three seasons. He finished third in the Drivers’ Championship in the 2016 campaign, although he was well off the pace of Nico Rosberg and Hamilton in first and second respectively. Ricciardo would have been keen to push on in 2017 following the retirement of Rosberg to provide the challenge to Hamilton for the crown.

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However, his season got off to an underwhelming start, suffering two retirements in his opening four races. Ricciardo did manage to hit his stride during the middle of the campaign, placing on the podium nine times, including a win in Azerbaijan. Although it displayed a great deal of promise for the Aussie and Red Bull, they struggled to match the pace of Mercedes and Ferrari, while the term ended on a sour note as he failed to finish three out of the last four races.

Ricciardo’s issues were not an isolated case at Red Bull as Max Verstappen also had problems with his car. The team were optimistic heading into the new season, but the 28-year-old has already had to withdraw from two races, missing out on points in Bahrain and Azerbaijan, although the latter was due to a collision with his team-mate on the track.

Those lost points could be crucial the end of the term as Vettel and Hamilton will not slacken off in their quest for glory. To match them, Ricciardo has to be just as clinical and have the benefit of a reliable car from his team. Only then will Red Bull have an opportunity to have a Championship driver for the first time since Vettel’s last triumph in the 2013 campaign.

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