"Money cheating" noticed

Just want to make everyone aware that somewhere near Austria GP we are going to find some teams who have Mercedes engine and chassis, and enough money to keep those while paying every entry fees for rest of the season.
How? Well, some fair players found out that they can just keep Hamilton and Rosberg in their team (without engine or chassis) and not take part to race weekends. Then they just wait few races when driver prices increase and sell them with their new value. For example http://imgur.com/whpEZ3t 

At this point i feel pretty free to say that this game has nothing to do with F1 knowledge. Hopefully we have massive modification to rules and almost everything else for next season.

Re. "Money cheating" noticed

 And now many more teams have started to use this same strategy. Shouldnt u ban price changes if u dont take part to GP weekend by paying entry fee?

Re. "Money cheating" noticed

 Hello JohtajaRinne,

 This is not cheating. This strategy is allowed by the rules this season and the rules are same for all players.
If you can risk the points from some race you can earn some money if selected from you drivers get bigger price.