Australian GP bonus question

 How many Australians have ever won a home Grand Prix.

The answer should be many. In the early years it was mostly won by Australians!
If the question had been how many won the Formula One World Championship, the the answer would be none.

I reckon I still answered "none" in the 5 minutes, but it would have been close as I was confused by the question and had to guess what you really meant, but I've been given zero points?

My first year doing this game, and think it's very well put together, but feeling a bit miffed to miss out on 5 points due to a confusing question


Re. Australian GP bonus question

 Hi Mike,

Thank you very much for providing feedback! It's something I always seek to receive so to make the game even better.

I understand the question was confusing( that was not the purpose of course ), just because I didn't specify that the question is strongly related to Formula 1.

I can not make up your missing points at this stage, but I can promise to be more precise for the future questions. But please, if you notice something just contact me so I can react on time.

Best Regards,