We have to maintain the gap

Author: BaljeetPanesar Date: July 11, 2011 09:06 Comments: 0 Viewed:16110
 It didn’t only mean the gap on track, but also the gap between #1 and #2. The whole last year Christian Horner kept on screaming, “we let our drivers race on track and this is our team policy”. They were even ready to sacrifice the drivers’ championship, but did not issue team order in favor of Webber, even after they crashed into each other in Turkey. But yesterday the gap had to be maintained. The team policies have changed I guess. This is highly disappointing that a champion team at this level of motorsport can’t be honest to the sport and its fans. Why don’t they come out in open and clear that they have a number 1 driver? How difficult is that? It’s far better than being hypocrites and cheat the number 2 driver and his fans. On top of that Mr. Horner is surprised why Mark ignored the order, and totally defends the action. In his own words,” I can understand Mark's frustration in that, but had it been the other way around it would have been exactly the same.” What a joke? This never happened last year. I don’t know why Team Red Bull acts this way, but I think it’s not Horner. He is not running the team; he is just a nice guy who sits at the middle seat on the pit wall, and has a job of being spokesperson for the team, of course other than tapping his foot. As for who runs the team, Mark Webber will someday tell us after quitting Red Bull.