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The first bonus test for season 2020 is now open!

from March 10, 2020 22:00

The first bonus test for season 2020 is already open!Now is the time sign in and get a chance to win extra points to ensure flying start of the season.
Results of last test before the start of 2020 season

from February 28, 2020 23:00

Valtteri Bottas recorded the fastest time in the last pre-season test before the beginning of season 2020.The second time was recorded by Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen.All results from the final test for see here
Day two from the tests at Catalunya - Results

from February 27, 2020 21:17

During the second day of tests at Catalunya Sebastian Vettel recorded the fastest time- 1:16.841. After him are Pierre Gasly (1:17.066) and Lance Stroll(1:17.118).Results from the second day of the tests.
Results from the first day of testing at Catalunya.

from February 26, 2020 22:29

Robert Kubica set the fastest time in the first day at Catalunya.Max Verstappen was with second while Sergio Perez was third.Check out all results at


Are you ready for season 2020?

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What is new for Season 2018?

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The cars for season 2015

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New features in F1FantasyGame.Com for season 2015!

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Formula One World Championship pointscoring systems

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