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Max Verstappen won Miami Grand Prix 2022

from May 09, 2022 01:01

Max Verstappen won Miami Grand Prix 2022.After 57 laps Max won the victory. Charles Leclerc finished second and Carlos Sainz third.Grand Prix of United States - results The KC36 's team KC36 took the first place in United States. Top 3 was completed by Yuri37 ( Team AMG ) and apfranz95 ( Michael Masi Motor Works ).F1FG standing in Grand Prix of United StatesGeneral standing in the game
Starting grid for the Miami Grand Prix 2022

from May 08, 2022 08:05

 Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will start from the first row in the Miami Grand Prix 2022.After them from the third position will start the Red Bull Racing's driver Max Verstappen.Sergio Perez from Red Bull Racing will start the race from the 4th position.Check the full grid for the Miami Grand Prix 2022
Miami Grand Prix 2022 - qualification

from May 08, 2022 00:39

Charles Leclerc won the qualification for Miami Grand Prix 2022. Leclerc recorded 1:28.796 in the third part of the qualification.Next to him on the starting grid will be Carlos Sainz, who recorded 1:28.986.From the second row will start Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.Results from the qualification at Miami International AutodromeTop 3 in the race after the qualification:Position Team User 1 Nempu Nempu 2 KC36 KC36 3 Team AMG Yuri37 Standings after QualifyingGeneral...
Sergio Perez fastest in the third free practice in United States.

from May 07, 2022 21:26

Sergio Perez recorded the best time in Saturday's free practice in United States. Sergio did 21 laps and his best time for a lap was 1:30.304. Second after him came Scuderia Ferrari's driver Charles Leclerc. The third time was recorded by Max Verstappen.All results from the Saturday's free practice in United StatesTop 3 in the race before the qualification: Position Team User 1 Buddy Buddy 2 Ts t.s. 3 RED ROO RACING Mark Standings after Practice...


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