The first bonus test for season 2020 is now open!

posted by: F1FG posted at: March 10, 2020 21:59 Comments: 4 Viewed:719
The first bonus test for season 2020 is already open!
Now is the time sign in and get a chance to win extra points to ensure flying start of the season.



04 Apr 2020 19:44 / from F1FG

F1FGAll the fees were refunded

22 Mar 2020 11:43 / from F1FG

F1FGI'm considering refunding the entry fees and reset season with most probably Azerbaijan as first round for this season.

What do you think?

13 Mar 2020 03:21 / from F1FG

F1FGThat is good question but let's first see if there will be season 2020 at all.
Next days I suppose we will get more information about it.

13 Mar 2020 00:46 / from HighOnFuel

HighOnFuelWith the Australian GP called off, should we now cancel the fee to save it for later? And if we do this, will it also mean we will miss our bonus question points?