F1FantasyGame standings updated after Grand Prix of Japan

posted by: F1FG posted at: October 25, 2019 07:04 Comments: 4 Viewed:564
 The standings of F1FantasyGame were updated after the disqualification of the Renault drivers.

Updated results of the race in Japan

Top 3 in the race after the updated results
Position Team User
1 F1 Djunta Mladen Velikinac
3 Cockneyrebel Cockneyrebel

Standings after Grand Prix of Japan
General standing in the game



26 Oct 2019 11:30 / from HighOnFuel

HighOnFuelNot an issue anymore, it was the bonustest points. They were not added to the points in the Table (gamestats), but they got added on the personal teaminfo pages before the racing weekend had begun. Probably because of the recalculation with the Renault disqualification. Usually we first see the bonuspoints added after first practice. So i think that the bonus points get shown when there is a new calculation after the mutations of the previous racing weekend on wednesday. Usually that would be after first practice, now it happened after the recalculation for Renault.

25 Oct 2019 13:33 / from F1FG

F1FGCan you provide example if this is still an issue?

25 Oct 2019 09:02 / from HighOnFuel

HighOnFuelOh wait, I think everybody's bonustest points are already added on the teaminfo pages!

25 Oct 2019 08:52 / from HighOnFuel

HighOnFuelIt look like something didn't go completely right...
The Table (gamestats) points are different from the points on each individual teaminfo page...