Engine points way too high

Im well aware that i made this mistake by myself when i didnt read rule book about this point system, but amount of points that come from engine is too high, there is no sense to buy or use anything else than Mercedes engine. 50% of points are coming from there, I chose Ferrari engine to first GP and after qualifying noticed that it was bad decision. 

At the moment it seems like choosing any other engine no matter what drivers u have will cost u a lot of points, and if games idea is to try to make as good team as possible, engines part of this point calculating system is too high. If we are realistic Mercedes or its engine customers (Williams) will more likely win every race and take every pole this season. Ferrari may have chances to take maybe one or two victories in odd circumstances, but everyone are still using Mercedes after this weekend, or if they arent they are going to be at the very end of top list.

Re. Engine points way too high

 And shouldnt driver prices raise/decrease immediately after each race while game is still frozen? At the moment you can earn risk free money  by buying driver who has made most money in last race? I wont understand why you wait till wednesday  before changing prices? 

E: And where are those 10 points from Hamiltons fastest lap? At the same time i also wonder why u get equal points from fastest lap and race winning.

Re. Engine points way too high

Thank you for the feedback.

Yes I'm aware of the chance of 'risk of free money' and was wondering what is the best option to for this.
There were three options:

1. To do the price changes after the race and keep the game frozen until prices update. But sometimes like today the official results are to delayed so I need to keep the game frozen long time. Don't like this option.

2. To freeze a position of that you trade before the price changes. So If you buy for example Hamilton before price changes you can not sell him after the price changed.

3. Not having restrictions and if you are smart and active in the player market you can earn money like you described about.

What do you think?

Re. Engine points way too high

 Perhaps a poll about this matter could be a good idea?

Personally, I prefer option 2, I think option 3 allow earn money without any knowledge about F1 (and without risk)

Re. Engine points way too high

 Here is the solution I will implement these days.

The driver prices will be updated each Wednesday AFTER and F1 weekend.
So If you buy a driver for example on Monday for price 'A' . On Wednesday his price will be 'B'. If you try to sell the driver 4 days earier before next price changes you will sell with for the price you get it (A). In other words if there is no F1 weekend between the time you get the driver and the time you want to sell it you will receive for that driver the price you paid for it.

I think the other way should stay as it now. So if you sell driver right before price changes after the price change you can buy it with the new price.  That way you can earn some easy money but you should be really good to predict(calculate) which driver will have lower price after the price updates.