Season 2017 Winners

Formula 1 Championship

Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes AMG

F1FantasyGame Championship

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United Arab Emirates

24, 25, 26 November 2017
United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2017


Do you like the decision to use the 'halo' frontal protection concept for season 2018?


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F1 future to be shaped around three performance factors

F1 is keen to boost its audience and increase engagement with fans with Ross Brawn's team, which includes former chief technical officer Pat Symonds, looking at ways to improve the show.A key focus is the technical regulations, with Brawn's team having marked out three sections of the rules as key performance differentiators."We're look at the technical and sporting regulations," ... Keep reading

McLaren/Renault pose "significant" threat to Force India

Force India secured fourth in the constructors' championship for the second successive year, finishing a comfortable 104 points clear of fifth-placed Williams.But Fernley is aware Renault is on an upward trajectory, snatching sixth in the constructors' championship at the final race of the season, where Nico Hulkenberg finished ahead of both Force India drivers to take sixth in Abu ... Keep reading

What we would change about Formula 1

Formula 1 fans are being promised change, new ideas, a better spectacle and all the rest by grand prix racing's owner. Whether it's a new on-track experience, better ways to follow the racing, rule tweaks - whatever - there's always something that F1 is willing to experiment with.So, we thought about what would happen if Chase Carey called some of our esteemed journalists and asked ... Keep reading